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How to create a social media marketing strategy

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Step 1: Aligning Goals with Business Objectives To construct a robust social media marketing strategy, the initial and vital step is to ensure that your chosen goals are in perfect sync with your overarching business objectives. This fundamental alignment is the cornerstone of an effective strategy, as it guarantees that your social media efforts serve […]

How To Become a Freelance Web Designer

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Embark on a freelance web design career by researching the field and aligning goals. Craft a business plan, specialize in a niche, and build a compelling brand. Showcase skills through a portfolio website, set competitive rates, and create a unique space in the dynamic web design industry.

How to become a freelance digital marketer?

Embark on a freelance digital marketing journey by choosing a niche, acquiring skills, building an online presence, and effective marketing. Set competitive pricing, register your business, and excel in client proposals for a rewarding career in the evolving digital landscape.